Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wipe Please I need a Wipe

A phobia to more things then you can count keeping things cleaner then clean would probably clean the clean and a uncanny ability to solve a case. This is the life of one Adrian Monk. Was Monk always this way partly yes but it seems he has gone deeper into his phobias and OCD after his wife Trudys murder the only case that haunts him and hes unable to solve. Will he ever solve Trudys case well Ill let you watch to find out. In the mean time He helps San Frans finest Caption Stotelmier and his partner Randy sove some tough cases sometimes he even knows there is a case before the police know theres a case.Of curse he dose this with the aid of his nurse/assistant Sharona or Natalie. Sharona just mistressly disperse about midway thru season 3 the only explanation is she moved back to NJ and remarried her x. One episode shes there the next week shes not and we are introduced to Natalie. Oh and we cant forget Dr Kroger who in Monk has his must difficult case. This show combines successfully comedy with a touch of drama and crime to make a hit show. Thats why it had 8 seasons on a cable network and still is very successful in syndication. The only reason this show ended is its star believed he had taken the character has far has he could

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well some CaPow a slap to the back of the head yes Boss probey a ducky all these crazy terms are just every week lingo if your a fan of this show. The show of course is CSI oh waite thats not right its NCIS Los Angeles oh thats not right either. Hope I dont have to call Abby in her lab to fig it out. Well we all know its NCIS The Boss Jethro Gibbs whos always building that boat in his basement how will he get that out Anthony DiNozzo the ladies man well at least he thinks so and hey if the NAvy criminal thing dosnt work out he could be Mr Movie Phone Then theres Magee and Ziva and Abby and the magic she works in her lab. Now NCIS has a spin off but the original is still the best