Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ramsay vs Irvine

Recently The Food Network started airing a new show called Resturant Impossibele with Robert Irvine has the host. Irive best known for his other simalarly named show on the Food Network Dinner Impossibele. Irvine gos in to failing or stuggeling resturants and with a 10k budget and the "help" of a designer try to help the place get back on its feet. Unfortunatly for Irvine and Food Network the show is Just a cheap knock of of Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares on the Fox network Where Ramsay gos in to help stuggeling/failing resturants get back on there feet . Minus the 10k budget and designer Im sure behind the seens there is a budget and perhaps a designer but you hear no mention of that on the show. Ramseys show is much better produced and is just a better show. So to put it in the words of the Chairman from Iron Chef Chef Irvine Chef Ramsay the judges have decided and the winner is CHEF Ramsay!