Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wipe Please I need a Wipe

A phobia to more things then you can count keeping things cleaner then clean would probably clean the clean and a uncanny ability to solve a case. This is the life of one Adrian Monk. Was Monk always this way partly yes but it seems he has gone deeper into his phobias and OCD after his wife Trudys murder the only case that haunts him and hes unable to solve. Will he ever solve Trudys case well Ill let you watch to find out. In the mean time He helps San Frans finest Caption Stotelmier and his partner Randy sove some tough cases sometimes he even knows there is a case before the police know theres a case.Of curse he dose this with the aid of his nurse/assistant Sharona or Natalie. Sharona just mistressly disperse about midway thru season 3 the only explanation is she moved back to NJ and remarried her x. One episode shes there the next week shes not and we are introduced to Natalie. Oh and we cant forget Dr Kroger who in Monk has his must difficult case. This show combines successfully comedy with a touch of drama and crime to make a hit show. Thats why it had 8 seasons on a cable network and still is very successful in syndication. The only reason this show ended is its star believed he had taken the character has far has he could

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well some CaPow a slap to the back of the head yes Boss probey a ducky all these crazy terms are just every week lingo if your a fan of this show. The show of course is CSI oh waite thats not right its NCIS Los Angeles oh thats not right either. Hope I dont have to call Abby in her lab to fig it out. Well we all know its NCIS The Boss Jethro Gibbs whos always building that boat in his basement how will he get that out Anthony DiNozzo the ladies man well at least he thinks so and hey if the NAvy criminal thing dosnt work out he could be Mr Movie Phone Then theres Magee and Ziva and Abby and the magic she works in her lab. Now NCIS has a spin off but the original is still the best

Monday, November 22, 2010


So tonight are the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Its been a very interesting some may say controversial season. The Hoff was the first one to go everyone was surprised bye that. Just went back to what you hear every season no one is ever safe be sure to vote. You had the "Situation" who definitely had a situation he couldn't dance especially in week one when he only had a few days practice compared to weeks for the rest of the cast. You had your token athletes Rick Foxx from NBA fame and Kurt Warner from NFL fame. Athletes usually do well on this show and this year kept that tradition alive. Mom Brady Florance Henderson who has been a big fan of the show from day one got her turn on the ballroom floor and seemed to enjoy each and every week. They tried some new things this year that well hopefully they will never do again but at least one of them I think they will because the judges were giddy with excitement over it and the crowd reacted well in studio. Even tho watching I found it boring. So hopefully no more round raised stage and no more find out the song you dance to that night. Well after last weeks semi where Brandy was out ( witch I know was shocking to alot of folks) Its down to the final 3 Bristol "The Pistol" Jennifer "A dancing icon" and Kyle " Mr Entertainment" Who will win we will see should be fun. Then after DWTS tonight comes Skating with the stars Skating rely I dont know ABC might be pushing it with this one

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Classic TV Memories

how many of you remember some of the classic TV shows used to watch when you were a kid. Well thanks to Netflix I was able to enjoy one of those shows last evening. Growing up I wanted to be a doctor so I enjoy the medical programs. One of my favorites was emergency. You remember, John and Roy Dr. Brackett, Dixie. And of course rampart hospital. This show is the reason many say they got into emergency medicine. It introduced us to the paramedic.

In this episode from season one, called hang-up we even get a glimpse of another classic Adam-12 won a call comes in, to go rescue a whiny burglar caught in an air-conditioning ducts. ( some things never change do they we still see the occasional story on the news of stupid criminals getting trapped in chimneys and the like) Anyway this call causes them to miss at the end of a nail-biting episode leads been captured by the bad guy. What will McCoy do next. This weighs heavily on John's mind, and soon Roy's to throughout the episode, wondering what could have happened. Meanwhile back at the hospital. Dr. Brackett has to treat a surfer who ruins his cast. After hitting the waves and Dixie becomes a little stressed about people abusing the system.

This is definitely one of my favorite shows for the past. And I can watch it over and over and over again. Do you have one of those shows that you enjoyed like that? who knows maybe someday they'll make emergency into a movie. Just like they did Starsky and Hutch or another one of my favorites get smart. In the meantime, I'll just sit back and enjoy another episode. Oh yeah, and by the way, our heroes John and Roy wind up saving a man trapped in a radiation hot room while getting exposed to the radiation themselves and wind up in the hospital. Putting their well-being of the line to rescue this man. Much like many firemen and policemen paramedics and first aid squad members do in your community,every day, remembered as a thank you once awhile.

Did our heroes ever find out what happened at the end of that nail-biting episode of Adam-12? Well you all are just to have to watch the episode to find out and see if you enjoy this show as much as I do

Friday, November 5, 2010

Who wants to be a Millionaire 1500 th

So today I tuned in for Millionaires 1500th episode. Some folks answered some questions and got them correct and some got one wrong. They even ask the audience for help the only life line left from what made millionaire a hit when it first came on the air. Duff from Ace of Cakes even came out at the end. With a cake made to look like stacks of gold coins with stacks of 1500 bills on top. (in honor of the 1500th show) The cake was crowned with the Millionaire logo. Meredith said it looks good but cake has to taste good. Duff cut her a slice she took a bite and said it was good. Well that might be the only thing that is good when it comes to this version of Millionaire.

For some reason the producers decided to change the formate of the show this season. Maybe it was declining ratings or perhaps just to try and draw new viewers. Whatever the reason this new formate will probably make this season the last for this game show. Gone is just about everything that made this show a hit when Regis was the host and the show first came on the air. Who can forget the commercials of Regis standing in front of a closed curtain and asking Who wants to be a Millionaire. Regis created drama and allowed us to laugh when the showed first aired. In a way only Regis can do. Now dont get me wrong Meridith dose a good job has the host. Who can forget when that guy used his phone a friend to call his dad on the million dollar question. Only to tell him I dont need your help Im just calling to tell you Im going to win a million dollars.

Well that lifeline has been replaced with a jump the question. Yea the lifelines now are the traditional ask the audience and two jump the question. Yup so now if you dont know an answer you can skip that question and still move on. The questions and dollar amounts are all scrambled now to. So you could answer a question like 2 + 2= A.4 B 7 C.12 D.42 and still win $25000 . Up until the last 4 questions if you walk away you only win half of your money.

Now the last four questions are played in the traditional formate with each question getting more difficult has you go. Even the Hot seat is gone the contestant and host stand for the whole show. I mean its the Hot seat how do you get rid of the hot seat. All these changes add up to this probably being the last year for this show.