Monday, November 22, 2010


So tonight are the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Its been a very interesting some may say controversial season. The Hoff was the first one to go everyone was surprised bye that. Just went back to what you hear every season no one is ever safe be sure to vote. You had the "Situation" who definitely had a situation he couldn't dance especially in week one when he only had a few days practice compared to weeks for the rest of the cast. You had your token athletes Rick Foxx from NBA fame and Kurt Warner from NFL fame. Athletes usually do well on this show and this year kept that tradition alive. Mom Brady Florance Henderson who has been a big fan of the show from day one got her turn on the ballroom floor and seemed to enjoy each and every week. They tried some new things this year that well hopefully they will never do again but at least one of them I think they will because the judges were giddy with excitement over it and the crowd reacted well in studio. Even tho watching I found it boring. So hopefully no more round raised stage and no more find out the song you dance to that night. Well after last weeks semi where Brandy was out ( witch I know was shocking to alot of folks) Its down to the final 3 Bristol "The Pistol" Jennifer "A dancing icon" and Kyle " Mr Entertainment" Who will win we will see should be fun. Then after DWTS tonight comes Skating with the stars Skating rely I dont know ABC might be pushing it with this one


  1. I only hear about this program on the news. I really don't watch a lot of television, other than the morning news. Good post though!

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