Friday, November 5, 2010

Who wants to be a Millionaire 1500 th

So today I tuned in for Millionaires 1500th episode. Some folks answered some questions and got them correct and some got one wrong. They even ask the audience for help the only life line left from what made millionaire a hit when it first came on the air. Duff from Ace of Cakes even came out at the end. With a cake made to look like stacks of gold coins with stacks of 1500 bills on top. (in honor of the 1500th show) The cake was crowned with the Millionaire logo. Meredith said it looks good but cake has to taste good. Duff cut her a slice she took a bite and said it was good. Well that might be the only thing that is good when it comes to this version of Millionaire.

For some reason the producers decided to change the formate of the show this season. Maybe it was declining ratings or perhaps just to try and draw new viewers. Whatever the reason this new formate will probably make this season the last for this game show. Gone is just about everything that made this show a hit when Regis was the host and the show first came on the air. Who can forget the commercials of Regis standing in front of a closed curtain and asking Who wants to be a Millionaire. Regis created drama and allowed us to laugh when the showed first aired. In a way only Regis can do. Now dont get me wrong Meridith dose a good job has the host. Who can forget when that guy used his phone a friend to call his dad on the million dollar question. Only to tell him I dont need your help Im just calling to tell you Im going to win a million dollars.

Well that lifeline has been replaced with a jump the question. Yea the lifelines now are the traditional ask the audience and two jump the question. Yup so now if you dont know an answer you can skip that question and still move on. The questions and dollar amounts are all scrambled now to. So you could answer a question like 2 + 2= A.4 B 7 C.12 D.42 and still win $25000 . Up until the last 4 questions if you walk away you only win half of your money.

Now the last four questions are played in the traditional formate with each question getting more difficult has you go. Even the Hot seat is gone the contestant and host stand for the whole show. I mean its the Hot seat how do you get rid of the hot seat. All these changes add up to this probably being the last year for this show.


  1. haven't seen it myself in a while but I did find the format for the questions to be a bit confusing when I saw it last. Every show has its day and Millionare just maybe on the way out

  2. sound like good,i am ver happy to see this blog i have never seen millionare 1500th espisodes.that's good

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  5. well in this dwindling economy wouldn't it be ironic to just give away a million that easy, confusing yes but hey that is why its a contest

  6. I didn't watch Who wants to be a Millionaire for a while, but when ever I have time I love to watch it.
    You are right- whoever saw episode with John Carpenter will never forget it.
    And what an irony- hot seat without seat.
    Thanks for the article, I share your point of view.